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New Art n' Zines

Added on by Eric Benton.

I’ve added free shipping to my store! USPS is a pain, so I either ended up over/undercharging on larger orders. Price have gone up a little bit to reflect this, but now everything will be just like the ocean under the moon.

Haven’t updated in a while. Summer in NY was great, and I’m slowwwwlllyyy crawling back to productivity, as always. It’s so hard to draw all summer when there’s bikes to be ridden and waterfalls to swim under. Up first is an illustration for the Jurassic Park/World issue of Birth.Movies.Death that came out a while back, published by Alamo Drafthouse. It was a blast and one of the most challenging things I’ve done in a while.


Also, I have some new zines up in the shop. PEOPLE I HAVE KILLED Vol 1. and my foldout VOID Zine. PIHK was risograph-printed here in Austin by Brian Macklaskey. I love the texture from riso machines, for real. It makes books feel like old pulp novels or comics. Ok, time to take my horse tranquilizer for the day and go for a romp in the hay.