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Bad Dogs Be Bad

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New pins in the shop HERE. I'm back from my lovely summer in upstate NY and already making plans to go back. Austin has felt stale for a while, so my time here may be limited. Unfortunately, I didn't draw too much while I was up there. Time to get back to it.


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I'm heading out of state, cookin' up food at Hawthorne Valley Farm thru mid-August, and traveling afterward, so I'm closing up the shop until early September. All orders placed today will ship tomorrow. Thanks everyone!


New Shirts // Shipping Delays

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Made some new shirts that are a tribute to the best album there ever was/is/will be. Don't fuck around! Act now! Any orders from the shop will be sent after April 25th, since I'm going to SF to see some of my best goons get marries. Sorry for the delay! Stay Shitty!

Demon Jizm

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Here's a couple of pieces I recently had inthe Mondo House Party Show during SXSW. The first demon screamer sold at the show, but the second one is still for sale. CLICK HERE if interested. Here are some sketches of behind the scenes business too. I've been inking on vellum lately and fuckin' love the stuff.

Outta Town'r

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Just letting y'all know I'm heading up to the wretched and frost-bitten town of Boston for a week, so all orders placed until November 7th will be send out after that. Here's some sketches.

DOMINGO This Weekend

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Organized by Inés Estrada, DOMINGO is a little festival happening here in Austin this coming Sunday. I haven't had much time to create in the last month or so, due to two part time jobs both becoming full time temporarily, but I'll have all the hits. I may even have a Malmsteen cassette or two for sale. It's at Friends and Neighbors (2614 E Cesar Chavez St), and is totally free, some come by and say hey! I still have some coozies left, and they will come with a free beer until someone tells me I can't keep doing that. See ya there!


BENDER BUTTONS Added to the Shop

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I made a shitload of buttons a few months ago, and decided to print up some cards and turn 'em into packs. So they are now live in the store, with FREE SHIPPING til this Saturday(5/30). I'm toiling away in my cave, trying to bust out some new stuff for the New South Fest's first year. If you're in Austin, definitely come check it out. Hopefully I will have a new slew of tie dyes to debut in that hot hot Texas sun. Expect a sale on the last few Party Kat tanks in the near future.

Puff n' Stuff

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Been slow updating, so I have quite a few new things added. First up are new FAT ALIEN patches(pictured below), in the shop. Really, it's just a self portrait of how I feel I fit into this existence. Also, added two illustrations to the work gallery. One is a new shirt design for my favorite ramen shop in Austin, Daruma, and the second is a beer label for up-and-coming brewery, Spent Planet.

Added to the personal section are two new drawings. One is a little painting I did to clear the cobwebs and see if I get those muscles working again. Felt really good, so I'm already working on another painting. The second is a brand new tee design I did based on a little moon demon called Amnixiel. The tees are also available in the shop.

I'm getting super excited for Linework NW! Last year was a ton of fun, and I always love going up to Portland. I'll probably live there some day. Who knows. Good vibes and a good community of artists, from what I've seen. Plus, I was brewed up in the North and this southern weather is hell to me. Drop me a line if you'll be there, too.