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Awwww, yiss. Another November, another Rot Fest. Last year's a was a bunch of fun here in Austin, so I decided to do another. Here's the poster for the new one. I'll be debuting a bunch of new stuff at the fest and the Punk Rock Flea Market at Hotel Vegas the week before(11/19). it's been a blast to work on everything for the last month, finally having time to hole up and draw. If you're in town, come on down and hang out. Great art, free beer, and on-site tattoos!


BENDER BUTTONS Added to the Shop

Added on by Eric Benton.

I made a shitload of buttons a few months ago, and decided to print up some cards and turn 'em into packs. So they are now live in the store, with FREE SHIPPING til this Saturday(5/30). I'm toiling away in my cave, trying to bust out some new stuff for the New South Fest's first year. If you're in Austin, definitely come check it out. Hopefully I will have a new slew of tie dyes to debut in that hot hot Texas sun. Expect a sale on the last few Party Kat tanks in the near future.