art by eric benton

GUTROT is the alias of artist Eric Benton. Following in the tradition of lowbrow artists such as Pushead and Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, he decided his birth name simply didn't capture the proper mix of vibrant slime and thoughtful decomposition being captured through various media, including ink, screen printing, painting, self-published zines, a variety of merch, and so on and so on. Since moving to Austin, TX, in 2009, such work has appeared printed in numerous rags, on shirts and album covers, and even on the skin of a few goons bold enough to be branded.


My drawings can be seen in Night Watch Zine, Birth.Movies.Death. Magazine, in record stores and even on Sizzle Pie pizza boxes, among others.

Every November I throw a local art showcase known as ROT FEST at my house. If you're interested in vending/sponsoring, feel free to get in touch. Thanks for stopping by!