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New Stickers and Blacklight Print

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Aw yeah., new stickers are in. Check 'em out in the shop. Been busy busy working on some commissions, trying to keep the old vessel Gutrot steady. I'm getting ready to leave again for the summer, and hopefully my time away from Austin will provide a much-needed break. Hoping to work on some more personal stuff while I'm hanging in the country.

New blacklight prints are also in the shop! GODHEAD, seen below.



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After sitting at the post office for an hour today, then seeing what they were charging(which apparently went up?), I've unfortunately had to raise my shipping prices. Not by much, but I already know paying for it is a pain, so I appreciate you sticking it out!

Now that the bad news is out of the way, here's the good news. I have uploaded all the work I've been posting on Instagram for months that hasn't made it to the site. I probably missed some stuff, but both the personal and work sections have been updated. Check 'em out! I've also added my new Austin 420 shirts to the store. Get 'em while they are fresh outta the oven, slightly over-baked.

Shop Update

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Rot Fest #2 was a huge success. Thank you to everyone who graced my yard with your presence, and a bigger thank you to those who came out to support some local artists with cold, hard-earned cash. I've put everything I didn't sell out of up on the site, including my new LEFT HAND PATH shirts, some koozies(including a reprint of my favorite little reaper), and some beautiful Booze Brain pins. Head over to the shop to check everything out!



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Awwww, yiss. Another November, another Rot Fest. Last year's a was a bunch of fun here in Austin, so I decided to do another. Here's the poster for the new one. I'll be debuting a bunch of new stuff at the fest and the Punk Rock Flea Market at Hotel Vegas the week before(11/19). it's been a blast to work on everything for the last month, finally having time to hole up and draw. If you're in town, come on down and hang out. Great art, free beer, and on-site tattoos!


Back Atcha

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I have returned from my lovely summer in NY. I woke up with the sun, rode my bike up some mountains, and ate lunch while the cows came home. Very relaxing, to say the least. And now it's back to work. I've posted some original art, a rarity for me, and a few prints in the shop. Get 'em while they are hot.


Gone for Summer

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Things have been slow 'round these parts. Burnt out on Austin so I'm heading up to NY for a nice vacation/some work. Here are some things I've been doing to fill the time, but really, I have been caught up in loads of other stuff and haven't drawn much.

This is a piece for the latest issue of BIRTH.MOVIES.DEATH. Drawing xenomorphs is super fun, so it was a blast to make soemthing for an article about Giger. I also posted some process photos on the ol' Instagram.

The following piece is for a local band, Uncle Lucius. Super great dudes to work with, and it's always fun to get out of my comfort zone. Drawing flowers is, like super zen, man. Dig.

And here are some sketches from the last month or two. I'm bringing a small selection of merch up to NY with me, so feel free to let me know of any zine/art fairs in the area.


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 This should be fun! If you're in Austin, come hang. If not, come hang. If you're interested in vending, contact me.

This should be fun! If you're in Austin, come hang. If not, come hang. If you're interested in vending, contact me.

Bad Dogs Be Bad

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New pins in the shop HERE. I'm back from my lovely summer in upstate NY and already making plans to go back. Austin has felt stale for a while, so my time here may be limited. Unfortunately, I didn't draw too much while I was up there. Time to get back to it.


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I'm heading out of state, cookin' up food at Hawthorne Valley Farm thru mid-August, and traveling afterward, so I'm closing up the shop until early September. All orders placed today will ship tomorrow. Thanks everyone!


New Shirts // Shipping Delays

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Made some new shirts that are a tribute to the best album there ever was/is/will be. Don't fuck around! Act now! Any orders from the shop will be sent after April 25th, since I'm going to SF to see some of my best goons get marries. Sorry for the delay! Stay Shitty!